​​Extensions: 120+

The Fairest One offers clip-in reusable high quality human hair extensions.

Pricing is based off length/color/weight of extensions. 

*$30 installation and styling fee*

Mink Lashes: 20

For the client that would like a little more magic in the gleam of her eyes, we now offer mink lashes as an option! Mink lashes are filled with 3x as much volume as human hair lashes and can be reused 15-20 times!

Tattoo Coverup 35+ (based on size)

Neck/Chest/Back Airbrush 20 each

Bridal Hair and Makeup 220

All Bridal applications include airbrush makeup along with MINK hair lashes
Bride Makeup Only 150
Bride Hair Only 100

Bridal Trial 190

Bride Makeup Only 120
Bride Hair Only 90

Bridal Party and  Event Hair and Makeup 170

All bridal party and event applications include airbrush makeup along with human hair lashes 
Makeup Only 95
Hair Only 85

Princesses (Age 8 and under)

Hair and Makeup: 55

Princesses recieve basic hair styling along with a flowergirl makeup application including a touch of blush, mascara, eyeshadow and lip gloss.​​

Services & Rates

Travel Fee: Bookings held inside loop 610 are complimentary.
Outside of loop 610 starts at $15 for the first 10 miles, and $1.50/mile after that.